CMS - Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems allow the owner of the website to fully customise the information contained within the design. Once configured and designed CMS systems eliminate the need for a web designer to make alterations to your site using specialist software.


CMS systems are ideal for companies that require regular updates to their websites. You the owner of the website update the website online with ease of use, fully customising the menu navigation and content. You can create, edit, and delete pages at the click of a button keeping you in control of your website.


Content Management Systems WordPressWordPress, Joomla Joomla, DrupalDrupal , SquarespaceSquarespace



Content Management Systems (CMS) are a business enabler. Rather than pay each time to make changes to your website, a CMS is designed for YOU to be able to manage and update the text and images on your website.

Increasingly ‘content’ is becoming the yard stick people use in assessing successful sites. It is not about quantity so much as quality of content. As such, a CMS enables your business to keep your content up to date, engaging and valuable/relevant to your target audience which more often than not are prospective customers/clients.

No successful business should go without a flexible, robust and scalable CMS.



CMS Software

There are literally millions of different CMS products available globally. The issue is which one is right for you.


We hold the view that a website is like a house. If built from scratch, it is crazy to pull it down every year or two to build a new house (which tends to happen when you change agency/suppliers and CMS platforms). Rather, a house should be build on the right foundation such that it can enable extensions and improvements to be made to it overtime to enhance the value of the asset. Choosing the right CMS platform therefore becomes of critical importance.






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