Writing content for the web

Writing copy for the web is a specialised service that we offer which can play an important success factor in any new website.


Writing and preparing content for the web requires a different methodology and style from writing and preparing content for print documents and publications.


Web users tend to scan, glance over and quickly decide whether a page has what they are looking for. As such, your content needs to be simple, concise, presented such that it captures the attention of the reader and prompts them into action.


Tips for Website Copywriting

We are very happy to work closely with you on writing your website copy but understand that some clients are good wordsmiths - as such, please find a few instructive tips on how to write successful copy for your website:


  1. Assess your Information Architecture - reassess the fundamental structure used in presenting your content. Make sure you provide your site visitors with visual cues and a hierarchy that you wish for them to follow and ensure that you use colour, contrasts, sizing and placement to provide them with a user journey.
  2. Make it Easy to Read - Make sure the font size used is large enough to facilitate ease of reading, that there are no hideous colours being used that make the readability of the copy difficult and try to not use broad and wide columns.
  3. Structure is Key - ensure that your web copy has a clear intro, body and conclusion. Use of block quotes are also really well received to draw visitors attention to key messages. Remember also that your first paragraph should be a summary of the entire pages worth of content.
  4. Headlines Attract Eyeballs - use of headlines, just like with newspapers work to draw attention to articles of interest / key call to actions.
  5. Maintain Regular Updates - Google loves content nearly as much as your target audience. Maintain a regular slot in your calendar to write and add more content to your website. This is a very easy and common method to increase your search rankings. Regular content updates also will encourage more of your visitors to more regularly view and return to your website.


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