Project Management Software


Flexible Project Management Solutions ensure your business gets the best ROI


Redmine A flexible project management web application which includes a gantt chart, calendar, wiki, forums, multiple roles, and email notification.




Trac Project management and bug/issue tracking system. Provides an interface to Subversion and an integrated wiki.




Mantis MantisBT is a popular free web-based bug tracking system. It is written in PHP works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases.



We provide cost effective and reliable Project Management solutions for your business


We work hard to deliver business web solutions with the greatest ROI.

  • You’ll be closely involved in the process from start to finish, so there’ll be no hidden costs.
  • Our development service uses a best practice methodology and approach, so we deliver when we say we’ll deliver.
  • Our designers explain the web development process in an easy to understand way, so we'll always be on the same page.


To stay current with technology is costly


We acknowledge that many have been delivered systems that are either too powerful and or that are really hard to use. Moreover, we appreciate all too well that technology has a lifecycle and as technology matures there are 5 distinct stages:


  1. New Technology - any technology that shows high potential but has not demonstrated its value. Early adopters may win big (often referred to as 'innovators') or be stick with a white elephant. Technology that has fallen into this category would include Second Life and Microsoft Windows Millennium (2000).
  2. Leading Edge - a technology that has proven itself in the marketplace but is still new enough that it may be difficult to find knowledgeable experts to implement or support it.
  3. State of the Art - when everyone agrees that a particular technology is the right solution. From our experience, a technology that achieves this status will only maintain this stage of maturity for a short while before a new leading edge technology replaces it rendering the original state of the art technology dated and eventually redundant.
  4. Dated - still useful, still sometimes implemented but a replacement leading edge technology is readily available.
  5. Obsolete - has been superseded by a state-of-the-art technology, maintained but no longer implemented.






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